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About Community Service Help

Education is the key to success. By educating people our program serves to change the way Washington citizens do their community service. Traditional community service will always have it's place, but is not a solution to the problem.

We are all aware that punishment and negative reinforcement does not work to solve a problem. The only way to truly lower crime rates is to rehabilitate those that have made mistakes in the past and to teach them that there is a better way to live their lives.

Our charity partners strongly believe in our educational program and that is it changing the lives of our clients for the better every day. Our program takes the old adage of "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, but teach the man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime" seriously. By educating criminal offenders and giving them an alternative path to a life of crime, our program will lower crime rates of anywhere our clients live over the long term.

Washington Community Service's mission is to rehabilitate criminal offenders by providing them new skills that can help them stay out of the court system. We believe that through education it is possible to create safer and more productive communities throughout our great state!

We Will Save You Money

If you do community service the old way it can cost you a small fortune and put a financial burden on you and your family. With ultra high gas prices, babysitting costs, time off of work or even losing your job due to scheduling, getting your community service done can be a nightmare!

One of our recent customers, Kristen, was ordered to do 90 hours of community service by her Seattle judge. Kristen is a single mother and realized she made a mistake but was about to pay for it dearly. She works 2 jobs to support her little boy and was going to lose one of them due to scheduling. Thank God she found us! We helped Kristen save over $1675 by doing her Washington Community Service Online. Check out our cost comparison to see how Washington Community Service can save you money toady!

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